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Hydrogen Augmentation for Economy

I started this blog in the hopes of putting some safety into hydrogen induction as well as a rationale. Mixing hydrogen and oxygen before their point of use is most assuredly poor practice. Mixtures should only be explosive inside an engine cylinder. Secondly, does the addition of hydrogen make any difference to an engine? And if it does make a difference, why?

Has anyone besides the modern plethora of HHO enthusiasts written anything about it? Yes, there are numerous patents and papers.



Hello World from Electric Powered Vehicles

This is my attempt to define some of the engineering decisions needed to create our new world powered by electric transportation. I will begin with a discussion of bicycles/tricycles and some decisions and their criteria. Our kinder gentler world is long overdue. We absolutely have to make significant progress before fuel hits double digits per gallon even if we temporarily ignore the problems of pollution and sustainability. To further this end I have purchased a trike that I am converting to electric operation. My basic premise is there is a need for basic transportation with a 20 mile range to perform simple tasks such as going to school or fetching some groceries. Discussion will later be expanded to include electric powered automobiles and light trucks. Further expansion will include electric water transportation and finally air. Ladies and gentlemen, charge your batteries!